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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Blues Berries

Buddy Miles has never been an easy artist to categorize. Is he is a rocker, a bluesman, or a soulster? Truth be told, he is all of those things rolled into one; over the years, his work has been influenced by everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Muddy Waters to James Brown and Sly Stone. Recorded in Texas in 2000, Blues Berries is primarily an album of blues-rock with soul and funk references. Miles was 53 at the time, and the veteran singer/drummer is very much on top of his game on sweaty offerings like "Bayou Delta," "Compassion for the Blues," and "Texas Cannonball" (an ode to the late Freddie King). The impressive band that Miles leads, the Blues Berries, is quite mindful of the Texas blues and blues-rock traditions -- fans of King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert Collins, and Johnny Winter should have no problem getting into either the original material or an inspired performance of the standard "Tobacco Road." But at the same time, Miles and the Blues Berries do not escape the influence of Chicago blues. The soul elements are especially strong on "Come on Back," which combines rock with a strong appreciation of Otis Redding, Wilson Picket, and the Stax Records/Southern soul sound of the '60s. Back in the '60s, "Come on Back" probably would have been too rock-minded for most R&B stations in the U.S. -- even so, it's a great soul/rock track that recalls a time when a lot of Ike and Tina Turner and Sly & the Family Stone fans were also Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix fans.

Buddy Miles - Blues Berries
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Friday, February 24, 2006

Dancin' Fool

My brain’s been replaced

with cumulus clouds

I’m sitting here cloaked

in my hangover shroud

It’s hard to believe

that I even awoke.

After all of the liquor

I forced my liver to soak

The location in question

was a Milford locale

where nubile young lasses

all choose to corral.

I spoke with a few…

And danced with still more…

and you now how I move

when I’m out on the floor.

So naturally, things start

to slowly progress…

that with three or four numbers

I finally left…

Today, I will struggle

but with little regret.

Now that I’m 30…

I’ll take what I get.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The continuing saga of...The Lashes!

I posted about a group called "The Lashes" a couple months back (you should definitely check out their new album) and I recently had the opportunity to interview them. Posted below you can find the transcript of my conversation with them. I tried to do a little in-depth journalism and dig deep, waaaay deep into the psyche of the band, I hope you enjoy it! If I ever make it out to Seattle or if they ever make it to Detroit I'll hopefully be able to meet up with'em for a drink, any friend of White Russians is a friend of mine!

1. What bands do you enjoy listening to?
We love catchy love songs. What's great about a catchy love song is that Britney Spears can do it and Bary Manilow can do it. It's the closest a song can get to perfect. As far as bands, we love old stuff the Ramones, Cheap Trick, The Raspberries and newer pop music that you just know is good when you hear it on the radio and you're just like singing it for the next month.

2. What's your best drunken moment story?
I have a lot of trouble with remembering a good drunken moment stories. Mostly because I was pretty drunk. Probably one of the best drunken times was one of the first times I got drunk when I was younger, when getting drunk was pretty much like winning the lottery whereas when you get older and it's just a part of everyday life.

3. Do you prefer white milk or chocolate?
I can't say that there's much milk drinking around here. Not unless it's a White Russian of course. So.. white, I think, but White Russians with soy milk are super good! Wow, was that super girly what I just said?

4. What is your favorite beer?
Local beers & breweries are great. All Hail Seattle! Dude didn't we win the superbowl or something? Oh wait. Screw the superbowl!

5. What was your first concert?
My first rock concert was when I saw the Makers when I was 15.

6. Jimmy Page or Eric Clapton?
Eric is going to kill me when I tell you this but his parents totally named him after Eric Clapton!!! Hahaha! Put THAT in your website! (Sorry, Eric). So... definitely Jimmy Page because Eric is a jerk sometimes.

7. Aside from music, what was your favorite "day-job"?
I've done a lot of stuff, like I used to intern for a radio station in my hometown and I had to wear bunny costume and called "The Free Money Bunny" as a promotional thing for the station. Funny eh? It totally had a lasting effect because now I ask girls to call me "The Free Money Bunny" when we're making out and spank my cottontail because I've been a bad bunny. Sorry, too much information there.

8. Sprinkles or no sprinkles?
It depends because I want sprinkles on my cake, but I don't want sprinkles on my fried chicken or in my bed. You know what I mean? Unless they're love sprinkles. Love sprinkles come from a girl's hair when she smells like unicorns and heaven. Yeah.

9. Custard or Creme?
Wow, that's a loaded question. GET IT?

10. And last but not least, what other band names were tossed around before deciding on "The Lashes"?
I don't think there was ever any questions about our name. Although looking back we should've figured out a name without "The" in the title because it's come back to haunt us and people like pigeonhole us into some "The" band group and I want to just be like "Oh like The Temptations and The Strokes! They totally sound alike!"

Buy their new album "Get It" by clicking on the picture below!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

It's A Girl!

In case anyone is wondering why I haven't been posting anything lately my wife gave birth to our first child on Thursday, February 9th 2006! She had a baby girl, Kaitlyn Elizabeth, who weighed 5lbs. 9oz. and was 19.5" long. I promise I'll get back to posting again in the next couple of days, in the meantime here's a couple of photo's for you to enjoy!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Check out these Double D's!

This is one of the better albums that I've heard lately! If you are into the Black Crowes, or Rod Stewart & the Faces then you will love this album! A refreshing slice of rock goodness from a modern rock group, who woulda thunk?

Venturing on the scopes of rampant styles like punk and garage rock, Sweden's Diamond Dogs formed in the late '90s, with an extended lineup consisting of Anders Lindstrom (guitar), Stefan Björk (bass), Stevie Klasson (guitar), Sulo Karlsson (vocals), Henrik Widen (piano, keyboards), Jesper Karlsson (drums), and Matthias Helberg (harp). Shortly after forming, the crew started playing numerous live shows, easily gathering a loyal fan base within the local alternative and punk rock scene. The EPs Among the Non-Believers and Shortplayer were the band's first releases via the Feedback Boogie label, and solidified even more their recognition, not only in Sweden, but also in the neighboring northern European countries. Diamond Dogs continued with their presentation of flammable rock & roll, and, in 2000, offered As Your Greens Turn Burn, their first full-length disc. Two years later, Too Much Is Always Better Than Not Enough, the group's second album, hit the record stores, before the band entered an extended European tour.

Diamond Dogs - Too Much Is Always Better Than Not Enough
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Friday, February 03, 2006

Been a long time comin'

Well, it's been damn near forever and a day since I've posted a drunken poem so here's one for old time's sake...

I hear Uilleann Pipes,

and violins cryin’

The feelings of nausea

there ain’t no denyin’

“I’ll grab a few friends and head to Ann Arbor

to see one of my favorite bands…”

Little did I know after 3 hours of sleep,

I’d have this agony on my hands.

P.B.R.s, Bud Lights…

and 4 shots of Jack…

A night of debauchery,

there’s no taking back.

So now, my head throbs,

and my cotton-ball mouth

contribute to yours truly’s

mood heading south.

But I’m heading downtown to absorb the commotion

Of the Super Bowl in just 2 more days.

I’ll just have to acknowledge the fact that this weekend

Will just be another thick haze…

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Brokeback To The Future!

This is pure genius!!!

O.E. & Brits?

Mad Dogs & Englishmen was just about the most elaborate album that A&M Records had ever released, back in 1971, a double LP in a three-panel, fold-out, gatefold sleeve, with almost 80 minutes of music inside and a ton of photos, graphics, and annotation wrapping around it. A live recording done in tandem with a killer documentary film of the same U.S. tour, it was recorded at the Fillmore East, where the movie was a cross-country affair, and the two were, thus, completely separate entities -- also, as people couldn't "buy" the film in those days, the double LP has lingered longer in the memory, by virtue of its being on shelves, and also being taken off those shelves to be played. Unlike a lot of other "coffee table"-type rock releases of the era, such as Woodstock and The Concert for Bangladesh, people actually listened to Mad Dogs & Englishmen -- most of its content was exciting, and its sound, a veritable definition of big-band rock with three dozen players working behind the singer, was unique. The CD offers a seriously good sound, whether it's just Joe Cocker and a pianist and organist in the opening of "Bird on a Wire," or the entire band going full-tilt on "Cry Me a River"; the remastering was set at a high volume level and there was a decent amount of care taken to get the detail right, so you can appreciate the presence of the multiple drummers, and the legion of guitarists and singers, plus the multiple keyboard players. The lead guitar and solo piano on "Feelin' Alright," for example, come through, but so do the 34 other players and singers behind the lead. This record was also just as much a showcase for Leon Russell as it was for Joe Cocker, which A&M probably didn't mind a bit, as Russell was selling millions of records at the time. As is now known, and it's recounted in the new notes, the tour from which this album was drawn all but wiped out Joe Cocker -- on a psychic level -- because the music was presented on such a vast scale (and there is a moment in the movie where he mentions breaking up his former backing group, the Grease Band, with a hint of regret in his voice) and his own contribution was so muted by Russell's work as arranger and bandleader. He may well have been the "victim" of a "hijacking" of sorts, but the musical results, apart from the dubious "Give Peace a Chance," are difficult to argue about upon hearing this record anew, decades after the fact -- it's almost all bracing and beautiful.

Joe Cocker - Mad Dogs & Englishmen
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Part 2

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