“The intermediate stage between socialism and capitalism is alcoholism.”

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Sleepy Sleepy sounds good about now!

My eyeballs are hurtin’

And they won’t stay open
Dreams about sleeping
I’m just wishing & hoping

This java needs to kick in

I need to wake up
My head is a poundin’
Like I was hit by a truck

My bowels are rumbling
And I’m getting frightened
I’ve got a strong feeling
It’ll hit me like lightning

I may have to sprint

Holding onto my drawers
If I just don’t make it
You’d better call the lawyers

I’m trying to work
Through the fog in my brain

It’s the same old story
Again and again

Some music, some friends

Some smokes and some beers

The same kind of thing
I’ve been doing for years

You’d think that eventually
I might start to learn
But hey, what the hell
Where’s Tommy Hearns?

W.W. J. S.?

Random Link o' the Day: Toby's Monitor


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this made me laugh!

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