“The intermediate stage between socialism and capitalism is alcoholism.”

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Thursday again...

It's Thursday again
and here I sit hurtin',
My eyelids are heavy
could you please close the curtains!

Played up some darts
on yesterday evening
had a few beers
and a burger with seasoning

The drunker we played
the later I got
I threw pretty well
but our opponent's were hot

The sub they brought in
threw a big 'ol ton-eighty
Like a pirate at sea
they'd robbed us 'matey!

Now my head's a bit sore
and last night was cold
my furnace quit runnin'
and it's only 5 years old

My taxes are due soon
the time, it is near
The IRS sent me a letter
saying "you f----d up last year"

I'm leaving for Vegas
in close to 3 weeks
but first I'll bend over
drop trou' & bare cheek

Is it time for lunch yet?
damn, it's not Friday either
Just another Thursday
it's time for a breather!



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