“The intermediate stage between socialism and capitalism is alcoholism.”

Friday, February 03, 2006

Been a long time comin'

Well, it's been damn near forever and a day since I've posted a drunken poem so here's one for old time's sake...

I hear Uilleann Pipes,

and violins cryin’

The feelings of nausea

there ain’t no denyin’

“I’ll grab a few friends and head to Ann Arbor

to see one of my favorite bands…”

Little did I know after 3 hours of sleep,

I’d have this agony on my hands.

P.B.R.s, Bud Lights…

and 4 shots of Jack…

A night of debauchery,

there’s no taking back.

So now, my head throbs,

and my cotton-ball mouth

contribute to yours truly’s

mood heading south.

But I’m heading downtown to absorb the commotion

Of the Super Bowl in just 2 more days.

I’ll just have to acknowledge the fact that this weekend

Will just be another thick haze…


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