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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

First Day of Winter, Edgar that is!

Since today (or yesterday I suppose, since it's 11:58pm right now and I doubt I'll be done typing by midnight) is the first day of winter I figured a little Edgar Winter sounded just about right. A classic album to start the winter season with, oh and it's around 12 degrees F here right now with about 3 inches of the white stuff on the ground...just thought you'd want to know that!

While this album will forever be remembered for spawning the huge hit singles "Frankenstein" and "Free Ride," there's plenty more to appreciate on this stellar release. From "the other single," "Hangin' Around," to the pretty melodies of "Round & Around" and "Autumn," the set collects ten outstanding cuts, played with fervor by Edgar Winter, Chuck Ruff, Dan Hartman, Randy Jo Hobbs, and Ronnie Montrose, along with guest artist/producer Rick Derringer. The "party" feel of "We All Had a Real Good Time" and the singalong "Alta Mira" only add to this already red-hot mix, making They Only Come Out at Night the album Winter will always be remembered for.

The Edgar Winter Group - They Only Come Out at Night
password: mcboozo


Anonymous paul in bradford uk said...

Top choice McB! I know you like to mix it up a bit, but any chance of some of the White Trash material - especially the live double? Rick D's playing on that is outrageous.

All the seasonal best, my friend.

3:58 PM


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