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Friday, December 02, 2005

One Red Paperclip

Has anyone ever seen or heard about the One Red Paperclip website? A guy from Montreal started a website by offering up for trade one red paperclip. He offered to travel anywhere in the world to deliver this paperclip and vowed to keep trading items until he procured a house. Here's the story so far...

One Red Paperclip traded for...
1. A fish pen
2. Fish pen traded for a handmade cabinet knob
3. Cabinet knob traded for a Coleman Camp Stove
4. Camp stove traded for a 1000W Honda EX Generator
5. Generator traded for a beer keg, a neon Budweiser sign, and an IOU for a keg's worth of beer, "One Instant Party"
6. "One Instant Party" traded for a 1991 Bombardier Mach 1 Ski-Doo snowmobile
7. One snowmobile traded for ???

The snowmobile is currenly up for trade offers. Anyway, I was really entertained by this idea so I thought just for shits & giggles I'd try it out too. I know, I know, why couldn't I come up with my own original idea that blows people away...well, I drink too much for starters, plus I'm a circus clown. Gimme a break!

So here's what I have to offer, I will trade one high-quality ceramic figure of a "Golf Frog" and I'll even throw in an unused paratrooper figure for you to have fun with. [I will add pictures of these items sometime this evening!] I will of course pay to ship these items anywhere in the world...all you have to do is make me an offer! What would you give for these great collectible items? If this happens to ever get anywhere and I end up with an item worth at least $1000 I will auction the item on ebay and donate the entire amount to The American Cancer Society benefit, Relay for Life. This is an event that I participate in every year and raise money for. It's a great cause! I suppose if you'd like to just make a donation that would work too, just contact me via e-mail. All donations/payments will need to be made out and go directly to the American Cancer Society. Anyway, if you're interested in trading make me an offer in the comments section of this post. I'd like to set a date of February 1st to make offers for these items, at that point if anyone has made an offer I will accept the best one at that point and start the next trade.

If you'd like to read more about the original One Red Paperclip just click on the link below!


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