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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Deja Voodoo...wait, Deja Voodoo

Gov't Mule's Déjà Voodoo is the record guitarist Warren Haynes and drummer Matt Abts have been looking to make for a long time. Since the death of Allen Woody in August 2000, after the landmark Life Before Insanity, the Mule has been making records with guest bass players, most of them jam-oriented albums in live settings. With the permanent addition of bassist Andy Hess and keyboardist Danny Louis, Gov't Mule takes a giant step forward while retaining the gritty, powerful blues-rock base that is the hallmark of the band's sound. Moving out form the power trio format is a solid thing. Haynes' songwriting is focused, anchored in the additional textures Louis' B-3 and Rhodes can provide, while losing none of its rootsy, overdriven charm. The tunes here, all 12 of them, are anchored in that gloriously greasy riffing that Haynes does better than anyone, but there is a wonderful funkiness added to the mix. Déjà Voodoo is the album Gov't Mule's promised to make since its inception; this is a new chapter in the life of a truly inspiring rock & roll band.

Gov't Mule - Deja Voodoo
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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Blogger Jeffrey Siegel said...

Thanks for the Mule - a much underrated band I think. If you have the Warren live at Bonnaroo, let's see that as well! And if Warren isn;t the hardest working man in show business, I'll eat my fedora!

12:59 PM


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