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Monday, November 14, 2005

Don't Look Directly Into...The Sun!

Here's a couple more albums from the Sun that you can download as well.

"1999"- The Sun - Released locally in Columbus- Jan 2003
1st incarnation of the band made in 1999-2002, recorded in Chicago and Columbus with Chris Burney, Leroy Bach (Wilco) on bass, Jay Bennet
(Wilco), Justin Crooks. Carlos Avendano, Bryan Arendt, Brad Forslblom. Sam Brown and Brad Caulkins.

"Ohio Tigers"- The Sun- Released as a tour album- Oct 2005
This record was recorded during the "Blame It On The Youth" sessions.
Included alternate versions of songs from that album among others.

Ohio garage rock outfit the Sun pick up where they left off from their previous two EPs for their polished debut album, Blame It on the Youth. Both Love & Death and Did Your Mother Tell You? highlighted taut guitar riffs and catchy, playful rock songs. This 14-song set is nothing more and nothing less than what the Sun has previously released. From the rollicking pop sounds of "Lost at Home" and album opener "Must Be You" to the more punk-inspired moments of "2B4" and "Taking the Lord's Name in Vein," the Sun offer an infectious, genuine kind of energy. Vocalist Chris Burney seems fidgety and self-aware throughout, and it's a solid impression for the kind of rock music the Sun is offering here. Even the more melancholic, sappy ballads highlight a confident band in the making. Songs such as "Lose Your Money" and "Say Goodbye" are a nice mix in the Sun's hungry disposition. A few songs could have been tightened up just a bit, but album closer "Valentine" shows the most promise for a band that seems intent on making original music.

The strangest thing about this album is that The Sun decided to release this as a DVD, therefore you will need to have a DVD-compatible cd drive on your home computer to play this.
[Note that the download I'm offering is in .mp3 format so don't worry about this!]
Audio files are also provided in .wav format for you to extract, convert , and basically burn your own disc if you want to listen to this album in any standard cd player. While this choice inherently limits the album it also provides the band with an opportunity to showcase videos for every song, albeit some are much more polished than others. Overall, the music is pretty good and makes the album worth adding to your collection, despite the issues with it's format.

The Sun - Blame It On The Youth
password: mcboozo

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