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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Whole Lotta Blues

Everyone who is a fan of Led Zeppelin understands that being experimental was a standard for them. At the same time, it's no secret that Zeppelin left the ground by recreating old Blues standards, originally recorded by artists they considered The Masters. This album is symbolic of exactly where Led Zeppelin, and Rock and Roll in general, came from. If you're a Blues lover, you'll really enjoy the raw acoustic sound of Custard Pie, Bring It On Home (Part 1), and When The Levee Breaks (Part 1). Others will enjoy the "thicker" performances of those songs revisited. It's fun to listen to the whole album and understand why Zeppelin had such an affection for this soulful style of music. It's also understandable why Zep wasn't very well received when first bursting onto the scene. Their edgy interpretations of old blues tunes were often called "bastardized" by critics. Yet in spite of the initial negative reaction, the boys knew that what they had begun was magical...pressing on to show more of their talent and diversity. Blues is the most heartfelt kind of music you'll ever hear. If you've never seen a live Blues performance, you should by all means do so. This was the heart and soul that helped make Led Zeppelin the legends they are.

Whole Lotta Blues: Songs of Led Zeppelin
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Well I made it to your site and found this Zep album. Nice site and thanks for the album.

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