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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The continuing saga of...The Lashes!

I posted about a group called "The Lashes" a couple months back (you should definitely check out their new album) and I recently had the opportunity to interview them. Posted below you can find the transcript of my conversation with them. I tried to do a little in-depth journalism and dig deep, waaaay deep into the psyche of the band, I hope you enjoy it! If I ever make it out to Seattle or if they ever make it to Detroit I'll hopefully be able to meet up with'em for a drink, any friend of White Russians is a friend of mine!

1. What bands do you enjoy listening to?
We love catchy love songs. What's great about a catchy love song is that Britney Spears can do it and Bary Manilow can do it. It's the closest a song can get to perfect. As far as bands, we love old stuff the Ramones, Cheap Trick, The Raspberries and newer pop music that you just know is good when you hear it on the radio and you're just like singing it for the next month.

2. What's your best drunken moment story?
I have a lot of trouble with remembering a good drunken moment stories. Mostly because I was pretty drunk. Probably one of the best drunken times was one of the first times I got drunk when I was younger, when getting drunk was pretty much like winning the lottery whereas when you get older and it's just a part of everyday life.

3. Do you prefer white milk or chocolate?
I can't say that there's much milk drinking around here. Not unless it's a White Russian of course. So.. white, I think, but White Russians with soy milk are super good! Wow, was that super girly what I just said?

4. What is your favorite beer?
Local beers & breweries are great. All Hail Seattle! Dude didn't we win the superbowl or something? Oh wait. Screw the superbowl!

5. What was your first concert?
My first rock concert was when I saw the Makers when I was 15.

6. Jimmy Page or Eric Clapton?
Eric is going to kill me when I tell you this but his parents totally named him after Eric Clapton!!! Hahaha! Put THAT in your website! (Sorry, Eric). So... definitely Jimmy Page because Eric is a jerk sometimes.

7. Aside from music, what was your favorite "day-job"?
I've done a lot of stuff, like I used to intern for a radio station in my hometown and I had to wear bunny costume and called "The Free Money Bunny" as a promotional thing for the station. Funny eh? It totally had a lasting effect because now I ask girls to call me "The Free Money Bunny" when we're making out and spank my cottontail because I've been a bad bunny. Sorry, too much information there.

8. Sprinkles or no sprinkles?
It depends because I want sprinkles on my cake, but I don't want sprinkles on my fried chicken or in my bed. You know what I mean? Unless they're love sprinkles. Love sprinkles come from a girl's hair when she smells like unicorns and heaven. Yeah.

9. Custard or Creme?
Wow, that's a loaded question. GET IT?

10. And last but not least, what other band names were tossed around before deciding on "The Lashes"?
I don't think there was ever any questions about our name. Although looking back we should've figured out a name without "The" in the title because it's come back to haunt us and people like pigeonhole us into some "The" band group and I want to just be like "Oh like The Temptations and The Strokes! They totally sound alike!"

Buy their new album "Get It" by clicking on the picture below!


Blogger Sickb(oy)! said...

I really enjoyed this interview! I actually listened to the album yesterday at work, and it's bubbly and crazy and girly just like the Lashes seem to be. And catchy. Very catchy. Nice investigatory journalism. Keep it up. :)

12:09 AM

Blogger McBoozo the Clown said...

I agree totally! It is definitely a catchy album and the interview was a blast. Hopefully I can get the chance to do more interviews with bands. It's kinda unique to the music blog scene.

8:27 AM


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