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Monday, February 06, 2006

Check out these Double D's!

This is one of the better albums that I've heard lately! If you are into the Black Crowes, or Rod Stewart & the Faces then you will love this album! A refreshing slice of rock goodness from a modern rock group, who woulda thunk?

Venturing on the scopes of rampant styles like punk and garage rock, Sweden's Diamond Dogs formed in the late '90s, with an extended lineup consisting of Anders Lindstrom (guitar), Stefan Björk (bass), Stevie Klasson (guitar), Sulo Karlsson (vocals), Henrik Widen (piano, keyboards), Jesper Karlsson (drums), and Matthias Helberg (harp). Shortly after forming, the crew started playing numerous live shows, easily gathering a loyal fan base within the local alternative and punk rock scene. The EPs Among the Non-Believers and Shortplayer were the band's first releases via the Feedback Boogie label, and solidified even more their recognition, not only in Sweden, but also in the neighboring northern European countries. Diamond Dogs continued with their presentation of flammable rock & roll, and, in 2000, offered As Your Greens Turn Burn, their first full-length disc. Two years later, Too Much Is Always Better Than Not Enough, the group's second album, hit the record stores, before the band entered an extended European tour.

Diamond Dogs - Too Much Is Always Better Than Not Enough
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