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Monday, October 17, 2005

No Sugar Tonight In My Coffee!

The Guess Who always seemed a bit like the Canadian predecessor/counterpart to Grand Funk Railroad, but they typically fared far better with the critics. That is probably because of the versatility that they possessed. That versatility is very evident on this collection. From the opening "These Eyes," with its slightly over the top strings and '60s psychedelic tinges, to the classic hard-rocking "American Woman," the Guess Who played a wide variety of music. It is sometimes hard to believe that the same group that brought the world the jazzy "Undun" and the CS&N-ish hippie anthem "Share the Land" is also responsible for the rocking "No Time." It is also hard to believe that you can get all of them on one album. For the casual fan of the group, this is the quintessential album to own.

The Best of The Guess Who
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