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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Something Like a Mahna Mahna

Originally posted on July 15, 2005

Alright everyone, I've created a little treat for you to enjoy (and hopefully spread the word about)...now I'm no DJ or audio genius but a little while back a friend & I somehow ended up discussing a mash-up of LL Cool J's "Something like a Phenomenon" and the "Mahna Mahna" song from the Muppet Show. Anyhow, I took my extremely limited audio skills and created a little teaser for you to get the idea. I'd be interested to see if someone could take the concept to the next level and create a more "professional" sounding mash-up of these two songs...e-mail me if anyone ever hears of it happening. My teaser version will be available for download for at least the next seven days, hopefully I can find a way to host it permanently, again e-mail me if anyone has any ideas [Now hosted permanently]. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to distribute it any way you can...I'd just appreciate it if I could get credit for it (heck, include a link to the site if you're so inclined). Thanks a bunch and keep on keepin' on!

McBoozo the Clown

(click the picture above to download the mp3!)


Anonymous N said...

Any chance for a mirror?

10:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know what service you used to host that, but it sucks eggs.

10:37 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have been BoingBoinged, prepare for the onslaught!

Anyone have a mirror?

10:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about a torrent?

Can you (os someone else who grabbed it) slap a torrent out there for the rest of us?

12:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've got some server space for it -- share the love.


1:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


1:48 PM

Blogger zencomix said...

Hey McBoozo...way back when, my buddy Jeff Clemens from G-Love and Special Sauce used to be in a band called "Who Be Dat?" Aside from their own tapes,(Still waiting for the CDs from Frank at Post Junk Trio) they also contributed a song,"Manamana" to a compilation CD of Boston Bands. The CD was called "Mash It Up '93, Volume 2, more Ska and Bluebeat-Boston Style" on DVS Media out of Allston, MA. I don't know if you can find it online, but the entire CD is classic, and it was the only ska tune that Who Be Dat? ever did. The Singer, Nate Solod, does some good improv between all the manamanas and doo doo doo doodoos...

2:26 PM

Anonymous ThrustinJ said...

Your kidding right? This is pretty awful. It sounds like two broken records.

2:34 PM

Blogger McBoozo the Clown said...

Some of you people must not be reading the actual post at all...I've seriously gotten hate mail for this already "dude, this is awful", "you should be shot", "you can't mix for crap"...I KNOW THIS, IT SAYS RIGHT IN THE POST THAT I DON'T KNOW DICK ABOUT DOING THIS STUFF!!! It was just an idea, I threw a little something together the best I could in hopes of inspiring someone who actually does this sort of thing to create a good mash-up of these two songs. What the Fuck do you expect from a drunken circus clown? I need a beer!

2:39 PM

Blogger guapo said...

Don`t worry McBoozo, I enjoyed it! In fact I think it`s an improvement on the originals.

6:35 PM

Anonymous The Tan Man said...

Yo Whitey, I've been feeling a lil under the weather lately, so I had some spare time and I whipped up a full version real quick like. Holla and i'll send you the link and lemme know whatcha think when you get the chance.

7:50 PM

Blogger Fire of lovE said...

gonna put it on my want list

10:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trying to find out if this Nate Solod is same one who traveled with Poi Dog Pondering years ago. No, I didn't bear his child, just want to say hi to him. Mo from the Blue Note in Columbia, MO.

11:57 AM

Anonymous Cialis Online said...

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