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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

S. Flavius Mercurius

I've got a special treat for all those Jimmy Page fans out there with today's post...

After the demise of Led Zeppelin in late 1980 (following the death of drummer John Bonham), James Patrick Page, a full-blown heroin addict at the time, subsequently went into a self-imposed exile. After going nearly two years without even touching his guitar he resurfaced both composing and playing on the motion picture Death Wish II soundtrack.

1982's Death Wish II was a terrible film, but Jimmy Page's soundtrack has its moments. Indeed, in terms of creativity at atmosphere, its hard rock songs were better than Page's subsequent efforts in The Firm, even though that latter was somewhat redeemed by Paul Roger's distinctive vocals, rather than the patchwork of vocalists Page employs here. When Page isn't in Zeppelin-crunch mode on the soundtrack, the album alternates between slow compositions with Page on acoustic guitar fronting a small orchestra, and scary, dramatic effects, apparently recycled from Page's earlier aborted soundtrack for Kenneth Anger's Lucifer Rising. The real standout is "Prelude", based on a Chopin composition, but with the melody played by Page on his B-Bender equipped Fender Telecaster. Blink and you'll miss it in the movie (it was used as "source music" for a radio playing in a restaurant, as I recall), but it's a nifty little piece of guitar playing on the soundtrack album. This album is extremely hard to find (the CD was only issued in Japan) and I want to thank Chops 411 for the contribution! If you've got requests or want to make a contribution e-mail me!

Click on the picture below to download the Death Wish II soundtrack [password: mcboozo]

Added Bonus!!!
Jimmy Page's solo album
Click on the picture below to download Jimmy Page - Outrider [password: mcboozo]

was released by Geffen Records on June 19, 1988. The album marks the first time since 1969, Jimmy recorded with another label other than Atlantic Records / Swan Song Records. It was recorded at The Sol, a studio owned by Jimmy at the time, located in Cockham, Berkshire, England and was mastered at Sterling Sound in New York. Robert Plant guests on one track, "The Only One", while John Bonham's son Jason drums with Page for the first time on record. The album debuted at #26 on the Billboard's Pop Albums chart.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many thanks - will enjoy listening to these!

12:00 AM

Anonymous Roger Morgan said...

Jimmy Page lives next door to Michael Winner in Kensington of course.

4:35 PM


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