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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Still Alive

Hey all,
Yes I am still alive...life has been keeping me pretty busy as usual for the last few months so I apologize for the lack of posting that's been going on around here. And now I bring more bad news...I won't be able to post anything else this week as I will be enjoying some much needed R & R up on beautiful Lake Charlevoix for the next five days followed by a couple day stop at the cottage in Houghton Lake. Since I will be camping until Friday and will have no access to internet (or even electricity for that matter) the Drunken Poetry Jam will be barren until Tuesday, September 6th. To atone for the time off I'm going to offer up a couple of full albums for you to download and enjoy in my absence. Hopefully you'll like'em (go out and buy'em if you do, help support the artists!), they're a couple of my favorites. And so on that note I leave you with these...

Sly and the Family Stone - Fresh
password: woj2322

also be sure to check out all of the offerings over at regnyouth archives, this has been one of my most visited sites as of late!


Anonymous IanB said...

2 Funky cassics .. Sho 'Nuff !!!

IanB @ RetroBabe!

12:43 PM

Blogger guapo said...

Hi McBoozo!
I`ve got a new blog for reasons explained at the site:
I`m gonna be posting more mod/beat/60s girl group type stuff in a day or two. And by the way i`d take the link to the old site down if I were you!!!!

2:46 PM

Blogger guapo said...

Don`t worry, you haven`t been forgotten!

11:03 PM


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