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Thursday, July 14, 2005

RetroBabe - An Eclectic Mix of Wine, Women & Song !!!!

Updated: I stand corrected, sorry for the mix-up!

If you're into digging old tunes by some fancy females (Guys & Dolls) stop on by RetroBabe's site. She's He's got a great little collection of mp3 tunes all by some pretty dandy leading ladies and pictures of some retro girlies. Give her him a shout & tell her him that McBoozo sent ya!


Here's a few other mp3 blogs you might enjoy as well:


Anonymous IanB said...

Hey McBozo !! Thanks for the link !! As for RetroBabe!, well "She" is actually a he !! I run the blog and apart from posting a variety of tunes {not exclusively by ladies by the way!} I also enjoy splashing a pic or two of some bygone babes, hence RetroBabe! Once again appreciate the link, I will add you to my Blogroll forthwith!!

1:12 PM


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