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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Underworld by Kaz

Kaz's Underworld is another great comic strip worth checking out. Think of a Peanuts for paranoids, a Pogo for punks, or a Popeye for the postmodern. Above all else, think funny — real gut-bucket, hold-your-bowels funny. Of course, you’re thinking of Kaz’s three collections of his Harvey Award nominated weekly comic strip, Underworld! Underworld has the look and feel of a classic comic strip, but upon closer inspection, it’s every bit as warped, biting, and hilarious as today’s jaded audiences demand. Underworld is stuffed with almost-parodies of famous comic strip characters, featuring a healthy dose of cigarette smoking cats, cute little saccharin-cuddly creatures, grim reapers, media-damaged kids, and more — all destined for a sardonic smashing in typically-acerbic Kaz fashion. Woeful whimsy and vicious pathos have never been so goddamned funny!

Kazimieras G. Prapuolenis

The artist formally known as Kaz entered the scene through Raw magazine in 1980. It would prove to be the arrival of a new genre. Kaz combined a mix of punk rock and classic themes into his own, very recognizable 'atomic' style. Kaz is a very versatile artist, and his work has been published in an impressive range of magazines (East Village Eye, Weirdo, Eclipse and of course Raw). Also he published various albums of his own, including three serials: 'Underworld', 'Buzzbomb' and most recently, 'Sidetrack City'. In addition, he co-published some work with various underground comix artists, and has illustrated some trading card sets. Kaz attended The School of Visual Arts in New York and studied comics under Art Spiegelman while a student.

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